Oxford Technology Management has an office at:

Zhonghai International Center B Tower
South Huangpo Road

The office was opened by Chenjie Ma in March 2018. Chenjie has a degree in engineering from Oxford University and worked as an analyst for OTM in Oxford before moving back to China in 2017. She helps our portfolio companies to get their technologies adopted in China, and helps these companies to raise capital from Chinese investors. Chenjie is especially involved with Sime China and Run3D China.

Oxford Technology Management also has an office at:

2225 E. Bayshore Road, #200
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Tel: +1 650 283 6917

This office is run by Bijan Kiani. Oxford Technology invested in his first start-up business, INCA, in the 1980s. The business did very well and 3i later invested. INCA was ultimately sold to a company in California for whom Bijan then went to work. After a few years, Bijan was headhunted by Synopsys to head up their product marketing and business development strategy. Synopsys employed 300 people at that time and Bijan played a major part in its growth to 13,000 people today and the No 1 position in its field (Electronic Design Automation). In 2019, Bijan contacted OTM, saying that while he had enjoyed working with Synopsys and building a large and successful business, what he had really enjoyed most was the early days of his first business, working with OTM to get it all going etc. So what he would like to do would be to help our investees get going in the US. So he flew over and spent a week visiting the CEOs of some of our investees. Since then, he has been actively helping our investees get started in the US, helping them to secure their first US sales and also helping them with their business strategy. Every single person from our investee companies who has worked with Bijan has said how helpful and useful he has been.