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Neucruit - Oxford Technology SEIS fund invests in Seed Round

Neucruit is an intelligent software that redefines clinical trial recruitment. Their technology aggregate real-time data from over 25 million health-related conversations initiated online everyday, to facilitate planning and recruitment in clinical trials.

Livia Ng, Founder

They support bio-tech companies, site teams and investigators, by enhancing site selection, optimising recruitment materials and reaching groups that cannot be easily accessed through traditional methods.

Founder Livia Ng introduced the company to us with the following question: “Could you imagine waiting 12 years for a potentially life-changing medication?” That's how long it takes, on average, for a new therapy to reach patients. Clinical trials take up the majority of those 12 years, and over 86% of them are delayed by at least 6 months, costing the pharmaceutical industry more than $500bn a year. Livia's solution cuts down on wasted time: her patient-centric dashboard integrates NLP-driven outreach with onboarding, and allows users to monitor patient demographics in order to ensure diverse, transparent, and efficient trials.

Livia found her passion for the intersection of healthcare and software at university. As an undergraduate at UCL, she worked on clinical protocols in the field of neuroplasticity research, whilst also leading the UCL AI Society (a Google Developer Student Club). She then spent time bringing a life-changing antidepressant to market at COMPASS, which has now IPO’d on the NASDAQ. It was there that she realized just how high both the commercial and social stakes were when it came to clinical trials. For many emerging biotechs, a month’s delay to a clinical trial could cost over £200k — just in salaries and rent. But another clock is also ticking: if you have a patent, every day that you’re not on the market could cost millions for a blockbuster medication.

Neucruit began as a research project, working with over 50 labs and 12 universities, including Oxford, Imperial, and UCL. Livia is now using Oxford Technology's seed funding to build out a talented team of cross-functional neuroscientists, designers and engineers, in order to scale Neucruit’s offering from 1-1 contracts to a self-serve platform. Early adopters already love the platform: Dr Saul Hillman sums up the prevailing view of Neucruit’s current users when he says “we’ve needed this support mechanism for a long time”.

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About Oxford Technology:

Since 1983, Oxford Technology has specialised in investing in startup and early stage technology companies based in and around Oxford and London. Our latest funds take advantage of SEIS tax reliefs and EIS tax reliefs to make pre-seed and seed stage investments, and we have created a portfolio broadly split between life, physical, and data science startups.

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