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Wider Oxford Technology Angel Network

Application Form

Please complete this form to become a registered member of
the Wider Oxford Technology Angel Network.

If you do not qualify to make investments under the new High Net Worth Individual or Sophisticated Investor definitions, you may still join WOTAN.

This will entitle you to attend our monthly presentations held via Zoom, but not to make any investments for the first six months. After six months, by virtue of having been a member of WOTAN for six months, you will be entitled to make investments.

I wish to become a registered member of WOTAN.

I understand that making business angel-type investments in early-stage and start-up businesses has always been and will remain a very high-risk activity.

They have the possibility of yielding very high gains, which, under the SEIS and EIS schemes are tax-free, but they also carry the possibility of losing 100% of the money invested (less any tax reliefs and loss reliefs that apply to SEIS and EIS investments.)

Please click and use your mouse or touchpad in the blue area to sign.

After clicking the 'Send' button please wait a few seconds for the form to upload. 

If you are having problems adding your signature or completing the form, or if you are unsure if the form was sent correctly, please email us at or by clicking the button below.
Please let us know that you would like a confirmation or that you would have completed the form and signed it if you could, but you confirm that you wish to join WOTAN.

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