April 2021 Quarterly Report published

The April 2021 Quarterly Report has now been published and is available to read here. 30th April 2021

Oxwash News

12th February 2021 Clothing waste is absolutely unacceptable, with over 350,000 tonnes entering UK landfill every year. One of our portfolio companies, Oxwash, have teamed up leading clothing care brand Vanish and their new product ‘Zero’ to tackle this problem head on. By combining their responsible door-to-door service with the phenomenal chemistry of Vanish Zero, Oxwash are able to prevent tonnes of clothes going to landfill by making sure they’re revitalised and live many lives instead! Find out more about the clothing waste issue and what Oxwash and Vanish are doing to tackle it here: 8th January 2021

December 2020 Quarterly Report published

The December 2020 Quarterly Report has now been published and is available to read here. 6th October 2020

September 2020 Quarterly Report published

The September 2020 Quarterly Report has now been published and is available to read here. 30th September 2020

FDA registration of SENSEI

We are delighted to announce that SENSEI®, Lightpoint Medical’s miniaturized probe for minimally-invasive and robot-assisted cancer surgery, has been successfully registered with the FDA and is now authorized for sale in the US. 17th September 2020

Lupe Pure Cordless reviewed in Daily Mail

The Lupe Pure Cordless was reviewed by Antonia Hoyle for the Daily Mail. It “cleans carpets faultlessly on its lowest setting, sucking up even the stubbornest Labrador hairs, along with teatime crumbs and sand my son has spilt.” The article was in print and online 3rd July 2020

June 2020 Quarterly Report published

The June 2020 Quarterly Report has now been published and is available to read here. 8th June 2020

The mysteries of EIS fund performance

Oxford Technology was singled out for its transparency in an article on The Smart Crowd. “With a handful of honourable exceptions (including Oxford Technology who, to the best of The Smart Crowd’s knowledge, offer more transparent performance information than any other provider) there really isn’t much information out there about EIS fund performance.” You can read the full article here. 7th April 2020

March 2020 Quarterly Report published

The March 2020 Quarterly Report has now been published and is available to read here. 2nd April 2020

Oxwash proudly supporting the NHS

Oxwash are piloting a project to wash the scrubs of the NHS workers who are on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. It is working with the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Oxfordshire County Council to ensure it reaches those who need Oxwash the most. 30th March 2020

Lupe Technology raising on Seedrs

Lupe has started crowdfunding on Seedrs to raise at least £650k for the first product launch. You can invest here. 26th March 2020

Active Needle reached crowdfunding goal

Active Needle Technology reached 137% of its crowdfunding goal by raising £201,750 from 243 investors. You can still see the campaign here. 20th March 2020

Polycat pivots to produce antiviral gloves

Portfolio company, PolycatUK, has started using its novel nanotechnology to make breathable and washable antiviral protective gloves to help slow the spread of Covid-19. The gloves are available to buy here. 17th March 2020

Congratulations to Kyle Grant

Co-founder of Oxwash, Kyle Grant, was listed as a Forbes Europe 2020 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur! You can read more here. 28th February 2020

Oxford Technology – where Last Minute needn’t mean Second Best

The new Oxford Technology Last Minute 2020 EIS Fund is featured in the GBI Magazine Yearbook. Read the four page article about our newest fund here. 21st January 2020

December 2019 Quarterly Report published

The December 2019 Quarterly Report has now been published and is available to read here. 15th October 2019

People behind the Product: Lucius Cary, Oxford Technology

People Behind the Product is an interview series produced by CoInvestor that highlights the key people behind a wide range of tax-efficient investment funds. Lucius Cary discussed the most rewarding and challenging parts of his role at Oxford Technology. Read the full interview 27th August 2019

Atelerix win grant to extend shelf life of cell therapy

Atelerix has won a £267,000 grant to team up with regenerative medicine firm Rexgenero. The Newcastle University spinout’s patented technology enables the storage and transportation of human cells at temperatures between 4°C and 25°C, which helps extend their viability from days to weeks. The grant will enable research into extending the shelf-life of Rexgenero’s lead product REX-001, a form of cell therapy developed for the treatment of critical limb ischemia (CLI), where a build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries restricts blood supply to leg muscles, leading to chronic pain, ulcers, or gangrene in one or both legs. More information 2nd July 2019

Lupe smashed its Kickstarter goal

Lupe ended its Kickstarter campaign having raised £562,339 from 1,762 backers, which is the most crowd-funding a vacuum cleaner has ever received. The Lupe team can now begin production, and hopefully the first units will be delivered to backers in early 2020. You can still pre-order a Lupe Pure Cordless at Indiegogo. 13th June 2019

The Case for Investing in OT(S)EIS

The Case for Investing in OT(S)EIS has been updated with figures to April 2019. You can read it at http://bit.ly/2leSM8N. 28th May 2019

Lupe launched on Kickstarter

Portfolio Company, Lupe, launched its Kickstarter Campaign on Tuesday. You can view the campaign, and be one of the first to buy the powerful, enduring, flexible vacuum cleaner at http://kck.st/30RyUQ8 OT(S)EIS invested in Lupe when it first started in 2017, and it is now going into manufacture with what it hopes will be the world’s best vacuum cleaner. 18th April 2019

OT China office has moved

Our office in Shanghai has now moved to a co-working space. Chenjie will continue to help our portfolio companies find opportunities in China. 15th April 2019

OT(S)EIS April Quarterly Report now available

The quarterly report to 5th April 2019 is now available. OT(S)EIS had completed 126 investments in 39 companies. In June 2016 OT(S)EIS invested £75,000 as an SEIS investment in Animal Dynamics at 14p per share, so 7p per share after tax relief. In March 2019, investors who had opted to sell their shares in Animal Dynamics received payment of 97p per share, so approximately 14 x the after tax share price. Other investors opted to keep their shares. The company is doing well. 22nd January 2019

Latest OT(S)EIS Quarterly Report published

The quarterly report to December 2018 is now available at this link. By 31st December 2018, OT(S)EIS had completed 105 investments in 34 companies, and things continue to go well. 10th December 2018

Expend in The Top 100

Expend were profiled in Syndicate Room’s The Top 100, which ranks the fastest-growing businesses in the UK. In the article, Johnny Vowles (CEO) wrote “Our current investors… have been great because they understand what we are trying to achieve and the route we have to take to get there. Many investors have been supportive in other ways beyond simply a funding perspective.” 9th November 2018

Lightpoint Medical achieve ISO 13485

Lightpoint Medical is proud to announce that the company has achieved ISO13485:2016 certification awarded by TÜV SÜD. The certification reflects the company’s commitment to the highest level of medical device quality control. 13th September 2018

Active Needle win Innovate UK award

Active Needle are very pleased to have won an Innovate UK award with Xerion Healthcare to develop a high-performance system for a new radiotherapy enhancing treatment. 5th August 2018

Molecular Warehouse reach fundraising target

Our portfolio company, Molecular Warehouse, reached their fundraising target of £750,000 on Syndicate Room, with a pre-money valuation of over £12 million. After our initial investment in April 2015, Oxford Technology have made four more follow-on investments, and continue to support them and fund raise for them through our network. 5th August 2018

Animal Dynamics on Radio 2

Adrian Thomas of Animal Dynamics joined Chris Evans on The Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 to talk about bumblebee flight. Listen here. 25th July 2018

Lightpoint Medical shortlisted for National Business Awards

Lightpoint Medical was named a Finalist in The Lloyds Bank National Business Awards, which will be held on the 13th November 2018. “The National Business Awards gives companies the chance to tell their success story to a national audience, regardless of size or industry, through the UK’s most prestigious awards programme. [They] celebrate and reward true excellence in business and go beyond best practice, awarding the work that combines creativity and innovation with effectiveness – setting new standards for the industry.” 19th July 2018

Animal Dynamics announce their partnership with dstl

Animal Dynamics are very happy to announce that they are working with dstl to develop Stork, the autonomous logistics vehicle. The announcement was covered in the Financial Times article: UK trials unmanned systems to supply troops on the front line. 5th July 2018

Technology behind Arago Biosciences explained in Nature Methods

The technology which forms the base for our newest portfolio company, Arago Biosciences, has been published in Nature Methods: Weighing single proteins with light. The technology is “likely to enable numerous biophysical experiments”. 28th June 2018

Expend in the FT

Our portfolio company, Expend were quoted in the Financial Times article Rich People’s Problems: The trouble with expenses claims. 29th May 2018

Sime Diagnostics feature on Microsoft for Startups blog

Our portfolio company, Sime Diagnostics were featured on the Microsoft for Start-ups blog with an article about How Machine Learning will Transform Care for Millions of Premature Babies in China. 25th May 2018

Creative England recognise Covatic in CE50

Investee company, Covatic were recognised by Creative England as one of the 50 most exciting, innovative and disruptive creative companies in the UK. See the full list of creative leaders of tomorrow at CE50 2018. 29th March 2018

Oxford Technology office in China

Oxford Technology has opened an office in Shanghai. Chenjie, who has a degree in engineering from Oxford University and who worked for OTM in Oxford before moving to China in 2017, is currently helping various Oxford Technology investees to get their technologies adopted in China, and also helping these companies to raise capital from Chinese investors. She is currently acting as the interim CEO for Sime, China. Sime has a technology for improving the outcome for premature babies with breathing difficulties. This is a big problem in China where the technology is being enthusiastically welcomed. View from the Oxford Technology office in Shanghai 28th March 2018

Covatic in Creative Industries Sector Deal

Our portfolio company, Covatic, were listed as example of “innovation… at the intersection of creativity and technology” on page 31 of the government’s Creative Industries Sector Deal. 11 December 2017

Designer Carbon Materials’ Breakthrough in Chemical Communications

Kyriakos and his team managed to functionalise N@C60 in such a way that it became water soluble. This was a major achievement and was published in the leading journal Chemical Communications with a picture on the front cover. This means that N@C60 can now be used in fluids including in blood. N@C60 on its own exhibits a very sharp EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance) peak. But in the presence of oxygen this peak broadens, and the amount of broadening is proportional to the oxygen concentration. This provides a means of determining the oxygen concentration in cells. Cancer cells have a lower oxygen content than healthy cells. So this is a potential method of helping the detection of cancer. 2nd November 2016

Oxford Technology Management Wins Best SEIS & EIS Fund Award

Wealth and Finance International’s 2016 Fund Awards press release announced that Oxford Technology Management is the Winner of the UK’s Best SEIS & EIS Fund Award. 8th September 2016

Oxford Technology hosts Showcase

An event here in the Oxford Science Park where four of our investee companies will give short presentations so that our investors and anyone else who is interested can meet the founders. All those interested in Oxford Start-Ups are welcome to attend. 18th April 2016

Lucius interviewed in Master Investor

Lucius was interviewed by Master Investor for their article Oxford Technology: Tapping into the UK’s Centres of Excellence. 20th October 2015

Lightpoint Medical in the news

Lightpoint Medical, an investee company from the OT(S)EIS fund, has received CE approval for its LightPath imaging system. Read more about it in this News-Medical article 7th September 2015

Animal Dynamics in the news

One of OT(S)EIS’s investee companies, Animal Dynamics, has been featured in the Economist. Read about it in the article “Flapping About – Biomechanics: Replacing a propeller with a flapping fin could help a team of zoologists set a new speed record on the water”